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    Staff pension scheme by Net P.C.

    Staff pension scheme by Net P.C. is one of our solutions, developed in response to customer needs.


    It is a tool to assist the Employee Retirement Plan, which allows you to manage declarations and generate premiums of employees in the company. The application makes it possible to exchange data among others financially-accounting programs like Symphony.


    The basic functions of the software:

    • declarations - view, edit, delete, export / import,
    • complete service and automatic generation of contributions,
    • generating reports,
    • dictionaries allowing modification of names,
    • nationality - add, edit, delete,
    • selection of countries and cities,
    • settings for FTP and SFTP
    • creating e-mail accounts,
    • defining the recipients of mail program,
    • e-mail encryption keys’ settings,
    • accesses to the application settings for users with the ability to change its name and login,
    • validity period of passwords’ settings,
    • granting rights,
    • grouping users with common rights,
    • import data from salary programs,
    • import templates - add, edit, delete, import / export.


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