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    Net P.C. Production System

    NET P.C. Production System has been prepared on the basis of the most common requirements of manufacturing companies from the medium-sized enterprises sector.


    The basis for the functional NET P.C. Production System is a configurator which is a tool for defining production formulas.  It contains all the necessary functions to determine the production costs in the form of materials and intermediates.

    In addition, recipes determining production of intermediates are also defined in the configurator. The system has a function of operating storage of materials and the function of issuing and recording sales documents (sales of products) and purchase (purchase of materials). 

    There is also the ability to record incoming orders (for products) and outgoing - relating to the missing components needed to run the production cycle.

    The above described functionalities are related to each other, making it possible to handle the production cycle according to the scheme.


    The system is also equipped with a statistics module that allows for accurate analysis of data relating to the production cycle, such as:

    • to evaluate the parameters of the ordered materials - price,
    • quantity,
    • analysis of the production and sales over time,
    • settlement of production in progress,
    • logistical statement such as suppliers’ delay statement.


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