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    Career at Net P.C.

    Net P.C. is a company in which capable, committed and filled with knowledge people work together to fulfill ambitious goals and maintaining the highest standards of executed projects.


    First, to start working at Net PC, you should  graduate. Profile of education is less significant, your passion and knowledge are more important for us. Every employee goes through trainings, which are aimed at enhancement of the theory of a scope for the job’s processes and techniques. Thanks to this he is acquiring skills which make his work easier in a team of our specialists.

    During the recruitment process we are looking for unusual, open-minded candidates with passion and caring for constant personal development. Our recruitment process assumes solution of the qualifying problem: before the step of the conversation.


    We do not limit anyone. If you feel that your skills are going to work at Net PC, convince us why you are worth to invest in! Send your CV to


    We program the future