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    IT support

    IT support

    Net P.C. offers cooperation in the field of complex companies’ and public administration’s IT service.


    We make a detailed analysis of the requirements and expectations, and then we design for you the best solutions that improve business operations and operational processes. Our specialists have extensive sector knowledge and high competence. Net P.C.’ IT is a group of people with a great substantive knowledge, supported by years of practice. The largest group of customers are companies from Pomerania.

    In addition to the service of hardware and software, we offer complete service in the field of information systems. Proper operation of the software your company can help to increase productivity and save time and money. We strive for the requested service was performed quickly and reliably.


    IT services by Net P.C.:

    • development of IT strategy in the company,
    • technical suport by phone, e-mail, instant messaging,
    • servicing trips to the office and outside the company (branch offices),
    • maintenance of computer equipment, networks, software,
    • taking care of all computers and devices telecommunication in the company,
    • configuring workstations and network’s servers,
    • configuring printers, multifunction devices and other peripherals
    • data archiving, taking care about it’s safety,
    • the software’s audit in the company (current overview of the software licenses’ systems),
    • safety audit - external, internal and audit server
    • installing new software, the changes in hardware configuration,
    • supervision of the company’s web service.


    We program the future