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    Intranet and Extranet

    Intranet and Extranet


    We offer internal, closed network that uses systems use via Web interface to provide comfortable access to the resources stored in the system regardless of location. Intranet is a solution designed for effective cooperation and internal communication, work organization, knowledge management and document management.



    We provide external network connecting any number of intranets using network protocols. Extranet enables effective communication and resource sharing between employees, partners and customers with a blocking public access from the Internet. This way customers can better and more quickly familiarize with the offer of the company, and you can work together more effectively.


    Implementation of Intranet / Extranet Net P.C.:

    • shortening searching time corporate information through easy access to data,,
    • structured information and documents available in the form of an internal portal,
    • knowledge base for employees,
    • data security, different levels of access for employees to each module,
    • reduction of costs of correspondence inside the company,
    • the possibility of efficient reconciliation plans, calendars and plans,
    • the ability to run secure group mail,
    • the ability to current, very detailed inspect of the and the course of work and time management of individual employees,
    • the ability to place themed chat rooms and discussion forums,
    • access to intranet and extranet with mobile devices (mobile phones),
    • very low start up cost of the entire system.

    Solutions proposed by Net P.C. are created for the customer’s individual needs. At the same time they allow system expansion for further modules during its use and operation. They can be used in small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprises with branch offices and institutions as well as public administration.


    We can efficiently administrate a knowledge of your company!


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