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    Indent service system by Net P.C.

    Indent service system by Net P.C.

    Indent service system by Net P.C. is one of based on web browser systems offered by our company.

    The System prepared by us is a complete tool for building and administrating of sales processes. It is also possible to integrate the system with existing site. The modular structure ensures quick adaptation of appearance to the individual requirements of the customer and the specific nature of goods offered by him. A number of advanced mechanisms gives the opportunity to build bidding, procurement, customer management directories.



    • reducing the cost of production and distribution,
    • available 24 hours / day,
    • on-line payment,
    • global access to the product / service
    • ergonomics - convenient and easy-to-use user interface, we offer solutions that reduce number of clicks needed to find the product, know its characteristics and the transaction,
    • an intuitive ordering system,
    • clear and effective way of presenting products and accompanying information (eg. prices, discounts, comments and ratings etc..) supported multimedia technologies,
    • development and support for loyalty programs. 


    We provide the use of mechanisms:

    • the use of discounts,
    • check history of transactions,
    • the use of a "wish list",
    • order status checking,
    • registration in the database "Newsletter".

    The system is also fully scalable, designed in an open development environment that allows you to change, extension or upgrade at any stage of the operation.


    We care about compatibility with current technological standards which means:

    • the correct page’s display on all browsers,
    • solution’s openness to implement additional applications,
    • increase productivity,
    • control over the layout, location and topography, which allows for quick adaptation functionality to the user's needs.


    We program the future