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    Dedicated services

    Dedicated services

    Today’s IT solutions’ market is full of ready-to-use systems, providing a wide range of features. It sometimes happenes that they don’t fulfil baseline idiosyncratic requirement and require adaptation, which involves costs and time consuming, and sometimes it's impossible. The right choice can be a dedicated software perfectly adjusted to your needs.


    Responding to your needs and expectations, we constantly undertake new projects, which meet the requirements of a specific industry and business profile.


    Advantages of dedicated software Net P.C.:

    • ideally suited for individual needs,
    • unlimited possibilities of modification and expansion with the development of your company
    • problem-free service due to the lack of unnecessary formalities,
    • easier integration with other solutions,
    • more possibilities of technological adjusting to systems that are in the company (databases, networks, websites, etc.),
    • software implementation and training of workers,
    • warranty and technical assistance,
    • no restrictions on seat licenses, which guarantees unlimited scalability in terms of the potential users of the system,
    • implementation of the tasks of systems to varying degrees of sophistication.


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