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    CMS Net P.C.

    We are aware that unique identity of customers’ requirements does not allow for universal solutions. For each Client we develop the functionality of our CMS system, meeting the individual needs and expectations.


    By using a content management system CMS Net P.C., web service becomes very comfortable and incomparably faster than self-management using programming language.


    Basic features of CMS NET P.C .:

    • easy to add content and its stand-alone update by people who do not know HTML,
    • the ability to easily lead your site in several languages ​​through dictionaries module,
    • storage of information in the database,
    • an extensive system of entitlements,
    • compatible with various programming and database-related technologies,
    • no need for any additional software,
    • resistance to threat to network,
    • the ability to apply to the construction of both the website and the intranet - with the ability to support multiple services with a single panel of management,
    • the opportunity to present multimedia content (audio / video),
    • social mechanisms (profiles, forums, comments, content publishing,
    • simple and reliable structure of the page managing - including the categorization of content,
    • the ability to record changes made by users in content, combined with access to the mechanism of comparing the differences between the versions of the same content,
    • an extensive system of registration of users’ activity in CMS,
    • the ability to integrate withe the systems of recording statistics (eg. Google Analytics)


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